Our Team

#Matt Wayrynen
Position: President & CEO, Berkley Renewables, Inc.

Mr. Wayrynen provides experience in resource company management, venture capital, startup financing, and mergers and acquisitions. He is an original co-founder and former President and CEO of TrichoScience Innovations Inc., which became Replicel Life Sciences Inc. As a director of Quinto Mining, he helped raise millions of dollars and advanced a Quebec iron ore property to a viable project. Quinto sold to Consolidated Thompson Iron Mines in June 2008 for a share value equal to $175 million. (Consolidated Thompson was eventually sold to Cliffs Resources for $4.9B.) Mr. Wayrynen was formerly active in the real estate industry as a licensed salesman and licensed agent nominee in charge of real estate for multiple retail projects throughout the greater Vancouver area. In addition, he was a licensed securities professional for over 10 years. Currently, he is also a director of several publicly-listed resource companies.

#David Wolfin
Position: Vice President of Finance and Director

David Wolfin, who is the President of Avino Silver and Gold Mines, learned the mining business from the ground up, starting as a geologists' assistant doing field work in 1986 and later working in a variety of mining-related capacities. Over the last five years, he has been instrumental in financing, investor relations and overall management for the company.

#Jim O'Byrne
Position: Director and Vice President of Operations

Mr. O'Byrne is President of O'Byrne Resource Management, a Calgary company providing management and consulting services to oil and gas investors and operators. He is also past director of the Canadian Petroleum Association, the Canadian Association of Petroleum Landmen and the American Association of Petroleum Landmen.

#Lindsay Gorrill
Position: Director

Lindsay Gorrill is the President and CEO of Canada Fluorspar, a public company developing a fluorspar project in Newfoundland which is in the process of building a $100 million Fluorspar plant and mine. Lindsay has 19 years of experience in the management of resource companies. He was previously a director and CFO for Quinto Mining Corporation, a publicly listed company acquired in June 2008 by Consolidated Thompson Iron Mines.

#Ronald Andrews
Position: Director

Mr. Andrews is the owner and operator of Andrews Orchards and sells and distributes agricultural chemicals and fertilizers. Mr. Andrews is on the boards of Bonner Mall and The North Coast Life Insurance Co. where he serves as the chairman of the audit committee. He has served as labour foreman for Kennicott Mining Company, a division of Rio Tinto in the Artic Circle and was a member of the Alaska Pipeline helicopter inspection group. Mr. Andrews has a Bachelor of Science degree from Washington State Univresity and was a long time Officer in the United States Army Reserves.

#Tyrone Docherty
Position: Director

Tyrone comes to Berkley after a very succesful tenure with Quinto Mining a company he took with limited resources in a difficult market to a viable iron ore mining project located in the Province of Quebec. In June 2008 Tyrone sold Quinto Mining to Consolidated Thompson for a share value equal to $175 million. He has been involved in the financial markets for over 20 years and attributes his success to relationship building, trust and honesty.


Renewable Energy Management

Howard Feldman

Mr. Feldman has been associated with the Wall Street investment banking community for over 35 years. His relationships within the financial community are extensive, including a comprehensive proprietary network of over 500 institutional investors and fund managers throughout the country. He has recommended financing strategies for private and public corporations in nearly every sector of the economy. Mr. Feldman's background includes equity institutional sales and institutional fixed income sales. Howard has analyzed hundreds of new investment opportunities and raised capital through equity, debt, and mezzanine financings for public and private companies.

During the 1970s Mr. Feldman established himself as one of the top corporate bond salesman on Wall Street. In 1983 he became the Southeast Managing Director for Drexel Burnham-Lambert. In the 1990s, he developed business relationships and contacts with many of the largest pools of capital in the country. Over the last eight years, Howard expanded and strengthened his relationships with hundreds of private equity and debt money managers, CEOs, and CFOs in nearly every sector of the economy. Prior to his involvement with Wall Street, Howard was a Captain in the U.S. Army and served as a commanding officer of a company of paratroopers with the 101st Airborne Division in Vietnam. Additional information on Mr. Feldman and the BK Financial team can be found at:

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