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October 10, 2013  Solar Flow-Through Raises $10M for Development of Commercial Rooftop Solar PV Projects in Ontario
July 31, 2013  Solar Flow-Through and its Partners to be Awarded 52 Contracts Totaling 12.18 MW AC for Solar Power Development in Ontario
June 24, 2013  Ontario Power Authority Approves Seventy Berkley/Solar Flow-Through Projects to Final Review Stage
November 20, 2012  Berkley Renewables' Announces Establishment Of Limited Partnership To Develop Solar Energy Projects In Ontario
August 01, 2012  Berkley Renewables Announces Private Placement
April 13, 2012  Berkley Resources Completes Share Consolidation And Name Change
May 09, 2011  Berkley Resources Announces Update On Life Sciences Investment
March 15, 2011  Berkley Resources Launches Renewable Energy Initiative
February 04, 2011  Berkley Resources Announces Sale of Interest in Dollard Area, Saskatchewan
September 20, 2010  Berkley Resources Purchases Interest In Trichoscience Innovations
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